Do I need to remove the hairs before treatment?

No, with electrolysis, the hair needs to be visible and above the surface of the skin, but they only need to be about 1/8th of an inch long. Please do not wax or tweeze for at least two to three weeks prior to treatment. Please do not shave for at least two to three days before treatments.

Is electrolysis painful?

Treatment can be regulated to make sure that clients experience as little discomfort as possible. To displace the myths, most clients are pleasantly surprised at how little discomfort there truly is with electrolysis.

How often will I need to go and for how long?

Depending on the amount of hair to be treated and the rate of regrowth, most clients will need a treatment at least once every week or two. Treatment is very individualized according to the clients’ needs. Treatments become spaced further apart and for less duration as the hairs respond.

What can be treated?

Hairline, eyebrows, cheeks, chin, ears, upper and lower lip, sideburns, throat, breasts, chests, shoulders, arms, underarms, abdomens, upper and lower back, legs, feet, *bikini line, *female clients only… sorry guys.

Is electrolysis permanent?

Electrolysis is the only effective method of PERMANENT hair removal available today. Even with all the technology advances, Electrolysis remains the only method that can treat all types of hair, regardless of pigment.

About our services

During sessions, a licensed electrologist applies a small amount of electric current to hair follicles using a fine round-tipped probe that causes little discomfort. The treatment aims to cease hair growth permanently.

I absolutely look forward to my appointments with Rhonda! Not only am I excited by the outcome, but the process is very relaxing. Rhonda is very professional, but is also very capable of putting you at ease. I am comfortable chatting about my day or laying quietly. I may end up doing everything just to keep going!

Bridget, Scarborough